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2 . 2021

Simultaneous VATS diaphragm plication with radiofrequency ablation and auricle resection of the left atrium


The first successful experience of simultaneous approach in surgical treatment of the diaphragm relaxation and relapse of atrial fibrillation is described. The technical aspects of surgical intervention and the prospects for the development of minimally invasive surgery in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery are discussed.

Keywords:video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS), diaphragm palsy, VATS diaphragm plication, radiofrequency ablation, atrial fibrillation

Funding. The work was performed within the framework of a state assignment Petrovsky National Research Center of Surgery (No. 0394-2021-0004)
Conflict of interest. The authors declare no conflict of interest.
For citation: Bazarov D.V., Bystrov D.O., Shonbin A.N., Kazaryan G.A. Simultaneous VATS diaphragm plication with radiofrequency ablation and auricle resection of the left atrium. Clinical and Experimental Surgery. Petrovsky Journal. 2021; 9 (2): 131-5. DOI: (in Russian)


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Sergey L. Dzemeshkevich
MD, Professor (Moscow, Russia)
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