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2 . 2022

Perigraft seroma after axillo-femoral bypass: a clinical case


Perigraft seroma is a very rare complication following vascular operations, exceptionally extraanatomic bypass. It defines as sterile fluide around artificial graft with no signs of inflammation. Potentially perigraft seroma can lead to graft infection. Here we are reporting a clinical case of a patient after axillo-femoral bypass successfully treated by combination of antibiotics, dexamethazone and clemastine.

Keywords:perigraft seroma; axillofemoral bypass; artificial vascular graft

Funding. The study had no sponsor support.
Conflict of interest. The authors declare no conflict of interest.
For citation: Marchenko A.V., Vronskiy A.S., Myalyuk P.A., Karasov I.A., Sinelnikov Yu.S. Perigraft seroma after axillo-fem-oral bypass: a clinical case. Clinical and Experimental Surgery. Petrovsky Journal. 2022; 10 (2): 134-9. DOI:  (in Russian)


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Sergey L. Dzemeshkevich
MD, Professor (Moscow, Russia)

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