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Clinical and Experimental Surgery

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A broad-based journal on surgery established to merge all the surgical specialties into the integrated intellectual space provided with up to date systems of communication and information.

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Current issue
1 . 2023


Anniversary events always imply self-assessment... With this issue published, our journal is on the cusp of its second decade. This very fact seems significant because we all together (the publishing house, the editorial board, the contributors and the readers) have managed

Cardiac xenotransplantation: “turning the corner”, the future is now

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Use of CT perfusion to establish the best surgical strategy for vascular reconstruction in kidney transplants with accessory arteries

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The role of bronchial circulation in preventing chronic pulmonary dysfunction

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Gene therapy of cardiomyopathies: opportunities and current perspectives


Transcatheter implantation of a self-expanding pulmonary valve in animal experiment

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Clinical and morphological analysis of lung lesions with determination of cellular localization of SARS-CoV-2 virus proteins in lethal cases of COVID-19

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Thyroid cancer with toxic goiter

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Experimental modeling of critical lower limb ischemia

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The results of the long-term isolated use of xenopericardial bioprosthesis of the new generation TiAra in the long-term period

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Results of isolated TAPVC surgery

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The results of laparoscopic and robot-assisted antireflux surgeries for hiatal hernia and gastroesophageal reflux disease

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Evaluation of prognostic criteria for the development of postoperative complications of liver resection in its focal diseases

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Delayed thoracoscopic anastomosis in isolated form of esophageal atresia

References 1.       Subramaniam T., Martin B.P., Jester I., Soccorso G., Pachl M.J., Robb A., et al. A single centre experience using internal traction sutures in managing long gap oesophageal atresia. J Pediatr Surg. 2022; 57 (11): 516–9. 2.

Influence of gas microembolism on plasma concentration of protein S-100 and neurospecific enolase during open heart surgery under cardiopulmonary bypass

References 1.      Berikashvili L.B., Kuzovlev A.N., Yadgarov M.Ya., Kadantseva K.K., Ozhiganova E.A., Likhvantsev V.V. The predictive ability of the M nomogram regarding serious adverse cardiac and cerebral events after elective cardiac operations

Anticoagulants in COVID-19 trauma: a double edge sword

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Left ventricular remodeling and mitral reconstruction in patient with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and inflow obstruction


Surgical correction of atriomegaly in long-standing rheumatic mitral valve disease

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Simultaneous thoracoscopic lobectomy and thymectomy

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