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4 . 2021

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Dear colleagues, In the current climate, it is essential to search for positive moments in all ongoing events and facts as it is difficult to manage life stresses without them. The positive moment about our journal has been 90 articles in this tough year 2021! This almost a

Surgeon Serge Voronoff. Transplantology and rejuvenation (to the 155th anniversary of birth)

References 1.    Glyantsev S.P. Demikhov’s phenomenon. Part I. Transplantology in the 1st half of the XX century. Alexis Carrel and organ transplant experiment. Transplantologi-ya [Transplantology]. 2011; (3): 47-50. (in Russian) 2.

The course of the novel coronavirus infection COVID-19 in recipients of solid organs, depending on the type of maintenance immunosuppression according to the local transplant register

References 1.    Alfishawy M., Elbendary A., Mohamed M., Nas-sar M. COVID-19 mortality in transplant recipients. Int J Organ Transplant Med. 2020; 11 (4): 145-62. 2.    Parabina E., Konstantinov D., Kaabak M., Rappoport N., Pushkin S.,

Minimally invasive multivessel coronary artery bypass grafting safe and efficient: the experience of the first 500 cases

References  1.    Lapierre H., Chan V., Sohmer B., Mesana T.G., Ruel M. Minimally invasive coronary artery bypass grafting via a small thoracotomy versus off-pump: a case-matched study. Eur J Cardiothorac Surg. 2011; 40: 80410. doi:  https://doi

Minimally invasive coronary artery bypass grafting through left minithoracotomy

References 1.    Sellke F.W., Chu L.M., Cohn W.E. Current state of surgical myocardial revascularization. Circ J. 2010; 74: 1031-7. DOI:  https://doi.org/10.1253/circj.cj-10-0321 2.    Shroyer A.L., Hattler B., Wagner T.H., et al.

The value of elasticity and thrombogenicity in the process of integration of synthetic arterial vascular prosthesis in abdominal aorta (experimental study)

References 1.    Talygin E.A., Zhorzholiani Sh.T., Tkhagapsova M.M., Tsygankov Y.M., Agafonov A.V., Gorodkov A.Y., et al. Reconstruction of swirling blood flow in the heart and aorta on the basis of measurements of dynamic geometry and elastic

Analysis of the causes and frequency of permanent pacemaker implantation after different variants of surgical treatment of atrial fibrillation with combined cardiac surgery

References 1.    Cox J.L., Schuessler R.B., Lappas D.G., et al. An 8 1/2-year clinical experience with surgery for atrial fibrillation. Ann Surg. 1996; 224 (3): 267-75. DOI:  https://doi.org/10.1097/00000658-199609000-00003 2.    Phan

Immediate and long-term results of correction of partial anomalous drainage of the right superior pulmonary veins into the superior vena cava

References 1. Ivanov A.S., Rodionov A.S., Glamazda S.V., et al. Partial bilateral anomalous pulmonary vein drainage with intact atrial septum. Kardiologiya i serdechno-sosudistaya khirurgiya [Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery]. 2013; 6 (4): 66–9. (in Russian) 2.

Hybrid method in treatment of rethrombosis of the arteries of the upper extremity

References 1.    Bjorck M., Earnshaw J.J., Acosta S., et al.  European Society for Vascular Surgery (ESVS) 2020 clinical practice guidelines on the management of acute limb ischaemia. Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg. 2020; 59 (2): 173-218.

The use of dexamethasone therapy in the treatment of acute ischemia of the lower limbs in elderly and senile patients

References 1.  Magamedov   I . D .,  Pivovarova   L . P .,  Ariskina   O . B .,  Nokhrin   S . P ,  Soroka   V . V .,  Ryazanov   A . N .,  et   al .  The development of oxidative stress in acute

Clinical application of the video fluorescent mapping method in the preoperative planning of liver resections in its focal diseases

References 1.    Shirabe K., et al. Postoperative liver failure after major hepatic resection for hepatocellular carcinoma in the modern era with special reference to remnant liver volume. J Am Coll Surg. 1999; 188 (3): 304-9. 2.

Immediate and long-term results of surgical treatment of primary hyperparathyroidism from standard and small access

References 1.    Alaev D.S., Kotova I.V. Nephrolithiasis in primary hyperparathyroidism. Al’manakh klinicheskoy meditsiny [Almanac of Clinical Medicine]. 2016; (28): 58-60. DOI:  https://doi.org/10.18786/2072-0505-2013-28-58-60  (in

Modern concept of transfusiological support of extensive liver resections

References  1.    Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation No. 1170n of October 28, 2020 «On approval of the procedure for providing medical care to the population in the profile of "transfusiology"». In: Official

Comparative changes in some indicators of homeostasis in patients with postoperative ventral hernias

References 1. Akimov V.P., Krikunov D.Yu., Toidze V.V., Churgulia M.Z. Adhesive method for fi xing mesh implants in inguinal hernia surgery. Moskovskiy khirurgicheskiy zhurnal [Moscow Surgical Journal]. 2018; 3 (61): 76. (in Russian) 2. Arujuna A., Williams S., Whittaker J.,

Comparative results of bacterial study of peritoneal exudate in secondary generalized peritonitis

References 1.    Calandra T., Cohen J. The international sepsis forum consensus conference on definitions of infection in the intensive care unit. Crit. Care Med. 2005; 33 (7): 1538-48. DOI:  https://doi.org/10.1097/01.CCM.0000168253.91200.83 2.

Possibilities of surgical treatment of patients coinfected with HIV/tuberculosis


Impact of mixed reality application on the learning curve of laparoscopic nephrectomy

References  1. Wake N., Wysock J.S., Bjurlin M.A., et al. Pin the tumor on the kidney: an evaluation of how surgeons translate CT and MRI data to 3D models. Urology. 2019; 131: 255-61. 2.    Bernhard J.C., Isotani S., Matsugasumi T., et al.

Bypass surgery of the superior sagittal sinus using an insertion graft for the removal of parasagittal meningioma of the middle third of the sickle of the brain: clinical observation and literature review

References 1.    Lukyanchikov V.A., Staroverov M.S. Revascularization of the brain according to the Bonnet technique. Neyrokhirurgiya [Neurosurgery]. 2019; (21): 85-93. URL:  https://www.therjn.com/jour/article/view/723  (in Russian) 2.

Treatment of patients with paraduodenal pancreatitis

References 1.    Adsay N.V., Zamboni G. Paraduodenal pancreatitis: a clinico-pathologically distinct entity unifying «cystic dystrophy of heterotopic pancreas», «para-duodenal wall cyst», and «groove pancreatitis». Semin
Sergey L. Dzemeshkevich
MD, Professor (Moscow, Russia)
Medicine today

28-29 апреля 2022 г. в Екатеринбурге состоится IX Евро-Азиатская конференция по офтальмохирургии (ЕАКО). Свое название конференция получила неслучайно, ведь именно в городе, расположенном на границе Европы и Азии, раз в два года встречаются офтальмологи из разных регионов...

Уважаемые коллеги! 28 января 2022 года состоится XXI научно-практическая нейроофтальмологическая конференция " Актуальные вопросы нейроофтальмологии. Поражение зрительного нерва: взгляд офтальмолога, невролога, вирусолога-ифекциониста, нейрохирурга " Конференция посвящается...

В Москве пройдет Конгресс, посвященный Всемирному дню борьбы с ожирением, с международным участием С 28 февраля по 2 марта 2022 года пройдет научно-образовательное мероприятие для врачей - Конгресс, посвященный Всемирному дню борьбы с ожирением. Ожирение представляет одну из...

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